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Discover the New You!


Discover the New You!

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About Us


Who we are

We are an unprecedented organisation that offers outcome based, customised and end to end behavioural skills solutions since 2016. We create and provide exceptional experiences that thrill, engage, bond and enthuse people. At Reformerz, we deliver team building events and experiential learning solutions that are known to realise key business outcomes. 


What we do

 We assist you in discovering the new You! We strategize and deliver the most innovative behavioural solutions addressing team building needs, leadership, employee engagement, strategy building and execution, change management, intrinsic motivation to name a few. These are delivered through management games, in-bound & out-bound learning exercises, business simulations, adventure activities and allied team based learning solutions. Every session culminates with precise feedback and reinforcement ensuring measurable impact on identified key business metrics. 


How we do it

We follow the spiral model of learning that not only ensures its effectiveness but confirms that learning gets transferred back to the clients’ workplaces. Our sessions are absolutely experiential learning programs, facilitated through a team of behavioural catalysts. These are fun, electrifying yet strategically focused on key business metrics. Every session is exclusive, designed keeping in view the specific requirements of the industry and psychometric profiling of participating teams.